Selecting the RIGHT Divorce Attorney

Assisting you to ensure you protect yourself and your family while dealing with a divorce.

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

Many times, potential clients call to ask whether or not they need an attorney. Our standard response is that while that is your decision, divorce can have many ramifications for your financial and emotional well-being including dividing assets, bills and personal property; the awarding of maintenance (i.e. spousal support or alimony), child custody and child placement that a skilled attorney or mediator can help resolve. Although friends and relatives may have good intentions, their advice is without proper training and is likely to be inaccurate even when based upon their personal experiences. Circumstances in their cases may have been far different from those in your case or the laws may have changed since their divorce. It is like using another’s eyeglasses–they rarely fit properly. Make sure you are comfortable with the attorney you chose as they will help guide you thru one of the hardest times of your life.

Which Divorce Lawyer is Best for You?

When a person’s future is in the balance, experienced and skilled representation can make the difference between an outcome that you are satisfied with and one that can make your life more difficult for many years to come. A skilled attorney can also help eliminate some of the unknown and often overlooked consequences that can occur if someone is not represented by counsel or is represented by counsel that is not well versed in divorce and family law matters.

After a divorce, a trial court can modify certain orders such as child support and physical placement. Although in most circumstances you must show that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the current orders went into effect to modify orders regarding the children but the orders regarding property division usually cannot be changed, once the orders are approved by the court.

An Attorney for Mediation or Collaborative Divorce?

In addition to the traditional litigation representation, our office also offers both collaborative divorce and divorce mediation services.

The Family Law Team at Petit & Dommershausen can help

At Petit & Dommershausen, we strive to give our clients quality representation and protect their rights during the divorce process and you need someone you are comfortable with to help you through this difficult process. For additional information about our attorneys, please look at our website, We would be happy to discuss the potential for representation and some of the benefits of retaining legal services. Any conversations with our office will remain confidential whether you retain our services or not. Call today and speak with a Divorce Attorney at 920-73-9900.

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