Looking to help your friend or family member appeal a criminal conviction?

Are you looking for experienced appellate advice? The Petit & Dommershausen, S.C. appellate law team can help you. Contact Attorney Greg Petit and the rest of the appeals team today. (920) 739-9900. Our team includes Oshkosh Appeals Lawyers, Appleton Appeals Lawyers, and Lawyers willing to serve your throughout the State of Wisconsin. The appellate process is complicated. Choose a team of lawyers with the right experience and history of great outcomes to you help you or your loved one.

The appeals team at Petit and Dommershausen, with attorneys in both the Appleton and Oshkosh offices, can help you appeal a case in which you were convicted. This can include appealing a jury trial conviction, a suppression motion that was denied, or even a sentence that was issued.

It can be common to assume that because you have plead guilty to a case, that you don’t have any options available to appeal your case or sentence. The truth is, that even if you entered a guilty or no-contest plea as part of a plea deal, it is still possible under certain circumstances to either withdraw that plea or to achieve a more favorable sentence.

When a plea of guilty or no-contest is entered, your attorney and the Judge are required to provide you with important information about all the potential consequences of your plea. If this information wasn’t provided to you, or if you were given incorrect information, it might be possible for you to withdraw your plea. An experienced appeals lawyer knows what to look for in the transcript and knows how to successfully argue that a plea should be withdrawn.

Another option could be to redo the sentencing hearing. This can be accomplished by showing the trial court Judge additional information that should have been presented at the original sentencing hearing, or by correcting or clarifying information that wasn’t properly explained. For example, if the Judge was unaware that you have been receiving drug or alcohol treatment while your case was pending, it may be possible to reopen the case to seek a better sentence. Another common example is if the prosecutor incorrectly cites your prior record, possibly confusing you for another person or citing a charge that was actually dismissed, it can be possible to obtain a more favorable sentence by arguing that the Judge improperly relied on these prior convictions.

Unfortunately, mistakes in the criminal justice system are common, and an experienced appeals attorney is able to review transcripts and obtain information to determine if any errors were made when you entered your plea and were sentenced.

Recent successful outcomes include:

A 30 year sentence was reduced to a 20 year sentence. Because the defendant was sentenced under prior law, the defendant is eligible for release at one quarter of sentence and shall be released at two thirds of sentence.

A withdrawal of plea case revised a sentence from 86 years imprisonment to a 54 years imprisonment. Because the defendant was sentenced under prior law, the defendant is eligible for release at one quarter of sentence and shall be released at two thirds of sentence.

A revision of sentence case where client had his sentence amended from a class G felony (maximum possible penalty of 10 years prison) to a class A misdemeanor (maximum possible penalty of 9 months jail). The defendant received a probation sentence and eliminated need to be on the sexual offender registry.

A withdrawal of a plea on a class B felony (up to 60 years) resulted in an amendment to a class G felony (up to 10 years). The defendant’s sentence was reduced from original sentence of 14 years prison to 7 years prison.

In another case, restitution was reduced by over $8,000.

In another case, a prison sentence was reduced from four years to 18 months.

While we cannot guarantee any outcomes, our appellate team can review your case and ensure you are fully advised of your options.

The Oshkosh appeals lawyers and Appleton appeals lawyers at Petit and Dommershausen, S.C. have proven track records of success in post-conviction and appellate work. Contact Attorney Greg Petit for more information.

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