Purchasing a Home: Why Buyers Should Have Legal Counsel

First Time Homebuyer?

The decision to purchase a home is at the same time thrilling and overwhelming. It begins with a few internet searches and downloading a real estate app and suddenly it is market reports and researching the different ways to take title. The home-buying process is full of confusing information. Hiring an attorney can help sort through all the clutter.

The buyer should identify for the attorney what stage of the home-buying process they have reached. Has the home search just begun? Has a home been identified that the purchasers would like to buy? Does the purchaser want assistance drafting an offer to purchase? Does the purchaser want assistance with pre-closing and closing matters? Understanding what stage of the home search the purchasers are in allows an attorney to identify and anticipate and mitigate risks.

Oftentimes a lawyer will ask about a buyer’s purchasing preferences. At times they may sound more like someone who is trying to find the purchaser a home than someone who is trying to explain and assist in the legal intricacies of purchasing the home. For example, why is the attorney asking the purchaser the age of the homes that have piqued their interest? That is because older homes may require a lead-based paint disclosure. Or why did they ask if the purchaser prefers a home in the center of the city or in the country? That is because the home may use well water and a water testing/safety contingency may be needed.

Hiring an experienced real estate attorney puts the purchaser at an advantage. A buyer represented buy an attorney will head into closing with confidence rather than apprehension. Confidence is the feeling we want a buyer to experience when they open the door to their new home. If you are a homebuyer, we can help.

Scott Engstrom is an attorney at Petit & Dommershausen, SC. He practices in the areas of real estate, family law, estate planning, and criminal defense. Mr. Engstrom serves Appleton, Oshkosh, and the rest of Northeast Wisconsin. He can be reached at (920) 739-9900.

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