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Thinking about your Estate Plan during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Have you been considering your Will? Trust? Powers of Attorney? Advanced Directive?

Petit & Dommershausen, SC, law firm is here to help with your legal needs during these difficult times. A Well Crafted Estate Plan is an important consideration for everyone, especially now. While considering one’s death and dying or incapacity is unpleasant, a Well Crafted Estate Plan can give you peace of mind that your loved ones will have clear directions regarding your property and assets. A Well Crafted Estate Plan can give you the needed assurances that your property and assets may be managed or distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Are you concerned about social distancing while receiving legal services?

Petit & Dommershausen, SC, is open and ready to help. We are happy to schedule a teleconference or video conference with you to provide legal assistance.  We are able to draft documents after our consultations and provide you with working copies to review as we continue the drafting process. We can hold the documents until we have an opportunity to meet in person to finalize and execute the materials.

If you work in a high risk employment position or have healthcare circumstances that require more immediate completion of your planning documents, our firm is offering creative solutions that may permit your documents to be fully completed while adhering to the strictest social distancing precautions.

Petit & Dommershausen is here for you.

We are very hopeful our community will be able to work through these difficult circumstances as soon as possible. With additional direction from the CDC and the Governor’s office, we hope to soon be able to offer in our regular in-person consultations to address your legal needs.  In the meantime, we will be here for you on the phone or via video conference.

Call us today at 920-739-9900.

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How will the Coronavirus affect my Divorce or Family Law case?

Governor Evers has declared a public health emergency due to the novel Coronavirus and associated COVID-19 pandemic for the State of Wisconsin. The United States Centers for Disease Control has issued guidance directing that businesses, organizations, and governmental units develop and implement flexible attendance policies that allow employees to stay home when sick, to remain home to care for sick household members, or to work from home when possible. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has issued orders implementing these guidelines into the Wisconsin Court system.

How does this impact the courts?

The Courts of the State of Wisconsin remain open.

However, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has suspended all in-person proceedings through Thursday, April 30, 2020. This suspension may be extended or modified by court order as circumstances may warrant. Many hearings and court conferences may proceed telephonically or via video conference. Some courts may even livestream proceedings on YouTube.

Each County, and in some cases each circuit court, has implemented policies to direct the management of cases under the order of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Family Law and Divorce matters are subject to these rules. Pretrial hearings may be rescheduled or converted to telephonic proceedings. Some courts may permit stipulated hearings to proceed via telephone or other remote means, but other contested issues may be subject to rescheduling. Reaching a final resolution in your case may remain possible, but depends on your circumstances and potentially whether your counsel remains well versed and informed on each court’s policies.

Mediations through Family Court Services may be conducted remotely, but individual offices and individual cases may have unique qualities. Preparation for these proceedings is even more essential under these special circumstances.

Are you concerned about your case?

The Family Law Legal Team at Petit & Dommershausen, SC, is here for you. Governor Evers order provided that Legal Services are an Essential Service. We are therefore open and ready to assist you.

We can determine the status of your divorce or family law matter, implement a responsive strategy under the current circumstances, and we can guide you through your case challenges during this difficult time. A Great Outcome Will Not Just Happen under these circumstances. A knowledgeable, caring, and responsive legal team is an essential component of a Great Outcome. We have implemented significant policy changes to protect our clients, staff, and community as we work through this time.

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