Throw a Divorce Party

Divorce parties are becoming more and more popular, even making viral new on social media from time to time, but is it really the best move to make following the completion of your divorce? A lifestyle writer recently consulted with a psychologist, a divorce mediator, and an event planner to come up with some unique etiquette tips for planning a “Toast to Independence”. They include keeping the tone positive,  celebrating your circle of support, and making the party about you and your future (instead of about bashing your ex). The prevailing advice for celebrating moving on, is that it’s okay to keep things light-hearted; just because divorce is somber doesn’t mean the kick-off to the next chapter must be the same.  

If a divorce is in your future, whether you plan to celebrate it or not, Petit & Dommershausen S.C.’s attorneys are here to help guide you through the process.