What is Bail Jumping in Wisconsin?


Bail Jumping is the most charged crime in Wisconsin. While over the last 20 years the rates of other criminal charges have fallen, bail jumping charges have soared. Tens of thousands of bail jumping charges are filed each year.

Why? Captimes article explores.

For a little background:

Any person released on bail or bond in Wisconsin must follow statutory and court-ordered “conditions of release.”

The statutory conditions of release require a defendant to appear at all court proceedings, to commit no further crimes, to update the court within 48 hours of any changes to address or telephone number, and to not threaten, harass, intimidate or otherwise interfere with alleged victims or witnesses in the case.

A Court will regularly add conditions that may include absolute sobriety, no entry into bars or taverns, no travel outside of the state, no contact with alleged victims or witnesses, and pre-trial supervision which could include GPS monitoring or drug testing.

Bail jumping charges can easily pile on when those out on bond lack the resources needed to comply. Abiding by bond becomes particularly difficult for those also dealing with homelessness, poverty or addiction. Not having transportation to get to court, not having a phone, and not being able to stay are just a few reasons that bail jumping charges are regularly filed. It can be a vicious cycle for some, entering jail, losing everything, returning to the streets with nothing and without a hope.

Oddly enough, more than 60% of Bail Jumping charges are dismissed. Some believe that this high dismissal rate is related to the use of Bail Jumping charges as a tool to get defendants to plead and not take their case to trial. Some believe the bail conditions and penalties in Wisconsin are reasonable as a means to protect the community, others, say the state has gone overboard.

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