Co-Parenting Problems

There’s a co-parenting app for that

Co-parenting isn’t always easy, but there are a number of companies that claim to help ease the pain with their apps that bring co-parenting into the tech age. Below we review a handful popular and up-and-coming apps.

Our Family Wizard: Arguably one of the most popular apps, Our Family Wizard (OFW) attempts to be an all-in-one style app with options for messaging, a family calendar, expense tracker, time trade requests, and a vital information bank. The app also includes the ability to add a child account which can be helpful for kids that benefit from having access to the calendar (no more forgotten soccer cleats). The app rings up at $109 per-year, per parent, including the “ToneMeter” add-on. OFW is known for having well-respected customer service and for having a user-friendly and intuitive set-up, which makes the cost worth it to many families.

TalkingParents: This app has 3 pricing tiers based on the feature you want to use. It includes a very basic “free” option that includes the basics (messaging, calendar, expense reimbursement), it also includes receiving recorded phone calls. Unfortunately, the free tier is only accessible on the web – mobile app access requires a paid subscription. One of the unique features of the highest tier plan is the ability to make and received recorded phone and video calls. For a particularly contentious situations, this added feature, though pricey, is a convenient way to add accountability to all contacts between parents. This app also allows calls to be made without disclosing the phone number which is an added layer of protection for cases involving restraining orders or domestic violence.

2houses: 2houses and OFW have many similarities as this app also includes messaging, a family calendar, expense tracker, time trade request, and a vital information bank. 2houses allows you to grant access to 3-parties and children so that they can have access to items like the calendar and the photo album. The journal feature in this app is meant to be a shared space for parents that is intended to be like a scrapbook of the child’s experience including quotes, photos, videos, and news. This app comes to just under $170 per-year, but covers both parents.

AppClose – One of the most robust, completely free co-parenting apps. AppClose requires a bit more leg-work to setup, but features messaging, a family calendar that includes schedule templates, and vital information bank. AppClose also include phone and video features that keeps a detailed call log. This is great option for parents that want to document contacts and keep that data separate from their regular phone records. AppClose can allow 3rd party requests and invites which is added convenience if step-parents or extended family members are involved in caring for a child.

Each family has different needs and there are many co-parenting apps on the market. Talk to your attorney about which will serve your case best.